Recycle Electric Motors

Recycle Automotive Parts

Interco Does Recycle Automotive Parts Interco loves to recycle automotive parts such as Auto Radiators, Transmissions, Aluminum Auto Wheels and  Truck Wheels. In addition, the company recycles Chrome Wheels (Clean), Harness Wire, Alternators, and Aluminum-Nosed Starters,. They even handle Steel-Nosed Starters, AC Compressors, Wheel Weights, and Lead-Acid Auto Batteries. In addition, the company prefers to recycle…
Companies That Recycle Scrap Electric Motors

Recycling Copper Iron Materials

Interco takes recycling copper iron materials very seriously. These materials are found virtually everywhere. As a matter of fact, these materials (iron and copper) are one of the most recycled materials today. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), The U.S. alone recycles approximately 150 million metric tons of copper iron scraps annually. This…
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