ISRI Codes

ISRI CodeDescriptionClassification
BarleyNo. 1 Copper WireRed Metals
BerryNo. 1 Copper WireRed Metals
BirchNo. 2 Copper WireRed Metals
CandyNo. 1 Heavy CopperRed Metals
CliffNo. 2 CopperRed Metals
CloveNo. 1 Copper Wire NodulesRed Metals
CobraNo. 2 Copper Wire NodulesRed Metals
CocoaCopper Wire NodulesRed Metals
DreamLight CopperRed Metals
DrinkRefinery BrassRed Metals
DroidInsulated Copper Wire ScrapRed Metals
DroveCopper-Bearing ScrapRed Metals
DruidInsulated Copper Wire ScrapRed Metals
EbonyComposition or Red BrassRed Metals
ElandHigh Grade Low Lead Bronze/Brass SolidsRed Metals
ElderGenuine Babbitt-Lined Brass BushingsRed Metals
EliasHigh Lead Bronze Solids and BoringsRed Metals
EnervV Red Brass Composition TurningsRed Metals
EngelMachinery or Hard Brass SolidsRed Metals
ErinMachinery or Hard Brass BoringsRed Metals
FenceUnlined Standard Red Car Boxes (Clean Journals)Red Metals
FerryLined Standard Red Car Boxes (Lined Journals)Red Metals
GrapeCocks and FaucetsRed Metals
HoneyYellow Brass ScRed Metals
IvoryYellow Brass CastingsRed Metals
LabelNew Brass ClippingsRed Metals
LaceBrass Shell Cases Without PrimersRed Metals
LadyBrass Shell Cases with PrimersRed Metals
LakeBrass Small Arms and Rifle Shells, Clean FiredRed Metals
LambBrass Small Arms and Rifle Shells, Clean Muffled (Popped)Red Metals
LarkYellow Brass PrimerRed Metals
MaizeMixed New Nickel Silver ClippingsRed Metals
MajorNew Nickel Silver Clippings and SolidsRed Metals
MalarNew Segregated Nickel Silver ClippingsRed Metals
MalicOld Nickel SilverRed Metals
MelonBrass PipeRed Metals
NaggyNickel Silver CastingsRed Metals
NieceNickel Silver TurningsRed Metals
NightYellow Brass Rod TurningsRed Metals
NobleNew Yellow Brass Rod EndsRed Metals
NomadYellow Brass TurningsRed Metals
OceanMixed Unsweated Auto RadiatorsRed Metals
PalesBrass Condenser TubesRed Metals
PalluAluminum Brass Condenser TubesRed Metals
PalmsMuntz Metal TubesRed Metals
ParchManganese Bronze SolidsRed Metals
TabletClean Aluminum Lithographic SheetsAluminum
TabloidNew, Clean Aluminum Lithographic SheetsAluminum
TabooMixed Low Copper Aluminum Clippings and SolidsAluminum
Taint / TaborClean Mixed Old Alloy Sheet AluminumAluminum
TakeNew Aluminum Can StockAluminum
TalcPost-Consumer Aluminum Can ScrapAluminum
TalcredShredded Aluminum Used Beverage CanAluminum
TaldackDensified Aluminum Used Beverage CanAluminum
TaldonBaled Aluminum Used Beverage CanAluminum
TaldorkBriquetted Aluminum Used Beverage CanAluminum
TalePainted SidingAluminum
TalkAluminum Copper RadiatorsAluminum
TallE. C. Aluminum NodulesAluminum
TallyAll Aluminum Radiators from AuAluminum
TalonNew Pure Aluminum Wire and CableAluminum
TannNew Mixed Aluminum Wire and CableAluminum
Tarry AClean Aluminum PistonsAluminum
Tarry BClean Aluminum Pistons with StrutsAluminum
Tarry CIrony Aluminum PistonsAluminum
TasselOld Mixed Aluminum Wire and CableAluminum
TasteOld Pure Aluminum Wire and CableAluminum
TataNew Production Aluminum ExtrusionsAluminum
TotoAluminum Extrusions 10/10Aluminum
TutuAluminum Extrusion Dealer GradeAluminum
TeensSegregated Aluminum Borings and TurningsAluminum
TelicMixed Aluminum Borings and TurningsAluminum
TenseMixed Aluminum CastingsAluminum
TepidAircraft Sheet AluminumAluminum
TerseNew Aluminum FoilAluminum
TeslaPost-Consumer Aluminum FoilAluminum
TetraNew Coated Aluminum FoilAluminum
ThighAluminum GrindingsAluminum
ThirlAluminum Drosses, Spatters, Spillings, Skimmings And SweepingsAluminum
ThornAluminum BreakageAluminum
ThrobSweated AluminumAluminum
ToothSegregated New Aluminum Alloy Clippings and SolidsAluminum
ToughSegregated New Aluminum Alloy Clippings and SolidsAluminum
TreadSegregated New Aluminum Castings, Forgings and ExtrusionAluminum
TromaAluminum Auto or Truck WheelsAluminum
TrumpAluminum Auto CastingsAluminum
TwangInsulated Aluminum Wire ScrapAluminum
TwirlFragmentizer Aircraft Aluminum Scrap (2000 And 7000 Series)Aluminum
TwistAluminum Airplane CastingsAluminum
TwitchFloated Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap (From Automobile Shredders)Aluminum
TweakFragmentizer Aluminum Scrap (From Automobile Shredders)Aluminum
TwireBurnt Fragmentizer Aluminum Scrap (From Automobile Shredders)Aluminum
ZorbaShredded Nonferrous Scrap (Predominantly Aluminum)Aluminum
SavesOld Zinc Die Cast ScrapZinc
ScabsNew Zinc Die Cast ScrapZinc
ScootZinc Die Cast Automotive GrillesZinc
ScopeNew Plated Zinc Die Cast ScrapZinc
ScoreOld Scrap ZincZinc
ScreenNew Zinc ClippingsZinc
ScribeCrushed Clean Sorted Fragmentizers Die Cast Scrap as Produced from Automobile FragmentizersZinc
ScrollUnsorted Zinc Die Cast ScrapZinc
ScrubHot Dip Galvanizers Slab Zinc DrossZinc
ScullZinc Die Cast Slabs or PigsZinc
SealContinuous Line Galvanizing Slab Zinc Top DrossZinc
SeamContinuous Line Galvanizing Slab Zinc Bottom DrossZinc
ShelfPrime Zinc Die Cast DrossZinc
WaferMagnesium ClipsMagnesium
WalnutMagnesium ScrapMagnesium
WineMagnesium Engraver PlatesMagnesium
WoodMagnesium DockboardsMagnesium
WorldMagnesium TurningsMagnesium
RacksScrap Lead SoftLead
RadioMixed Hard/Soft Scrap LeadLead
RailsLead Battery PlatesLead
RainsScrap Drained/Dry Whole Intact LeadLead
RakesBattery LugsLead
RelayLead Covered Copper CableLead
RentsLead DrossLead
RinkScrap Wet Whole Intact Lead BatteriesLead
RonoScrap Industrial Intact Lead CellsLead
RoperScrap Whole Intact Industrial Lead BatteriesLead
RopesWheel WeightsLead
SiassemAssemblies ElectricalSilver
SicopplaSilver/Copper PlatedSilver
SizsmSilver/Zinc Silver/MagnesiumSilver
SiblBlanking Scrap PunchingsSilver
SibralBrazing AlloysSilver
SiemBrushes Electric MotorsSilver
SicesalChemical SaltsSilver
SibClad Bi-Metal PartsSilver
SicoinCoin SilverSilver
SidentalDental AmalgamSilver
SiixIndustrial X-RaySilver
SimxMedical X-RaySilver
SiphotPhotographic NegativesSilver
SifilFilters PlatingSilver
SiflakeFlake From Hypo Solution Recovery SystemsSilver
SihookHooks Plating NodulesSilver
SijewJewelry SweepsSilver
SipaintPaints PasteSilver
SipaperPaper ReproductionSilver
SipeePlated Parts Electrical ElectronicSilver
SiserPlated Serving PiecesSilver
SiutPlated UtensilsSilver
SiwiPlated WireSilver
SipowPowders GranulatedSilver
SirelayRelays ElectricalSilver
SibearSilver Lined Bearings Diesel Locomotives and AircraftSilver
SisludSludges Plating and PrecipitatesSilver
SisolSolutions PlatingSilver
SisterSterling SilverSilver
SitinTin Lead Alloys ContaminatedSilver
SiwaveWave GuidesSilver
SiragWiping RagsSilver
GobrazBrazing AlloysGold
GocladClad Metal PartsGold
GodentaDental AlloysGold
GodentsDental ScrapGold
GodentgriDental Sweeps and GrindingGold
GofillFilled ScrapGold
GofiltFilters PlatingGold
GohookHooks Plating NodulesGold
GojesJewelry ScrapGold
GojesweJewelry Sweeps and GrindingsGold
GopainPaints and PasteGold
GoplacePlacer GoldGold
GoplateePlated Parts ElectricalGold
GoplatewPlated WireGold
GoprintPrinted Circuit BoardsGold
GocircPrinted Circuit Boards with ComponentsGold
GoresinResins PlatingGold
GosaltSalts ChemicalGold
GosludgeSludges PlatingGold
GotinTin Lead Alloys ContaminatedGold
GowipeWiping RagsGold
PasaltChemical SaltsPaladium
PacladClad MaterialsPaladium
PacontactContact PointsPaladium
PadentalDental AlloysPaladium
PadscrapDental ScrapsPaladium
PadentsDental SweepsPaladium
PajesweepJewelry Scrap (sweeps)Paladium
PaplatPlated PartsPaladium
ParelRelays ElectricalPaladium
PasolPICLAD – CatalystsPlatinum
PicladClad MaterialsPlatinum
PidentaDental AlloysPlatinum
PidscrapPIDSCRAP – Dental ScrapPlatinum
PisweepDental Sweeps, GrindingsPlatinum
PijescrapJewelry ScrapPlatinum
PijesweepJewelry SweepsPlatinum
PilabLaboratory WarePlatinum
PimagMagneto PointsPlatinum
PipowdPowders And PastePlatinum
PisolSolutions PlatingPlatinum
PiplugSpark Plugs AircraftPlatinum
PithermThermocouple WirePlatinum
RanchBlock TinOther NF & mix metals
RanksPewterOther NF & mix metals
RavesHigh Tin Base BabbitOther NF & mix metals
RosesMixed Common BabbittOther NF & mix metals
ElmoMixed Electric MotorsOther NF & mix metals
ShelmoShredded Electric Motors (also called shredder pickings or meatballs )Other NF & mix metals
ZebraHigh DensityOther NF & mix metals
ZeppelinLight DensityOther NF & mix metals
ZurikSHREDDED Nonferrous SENSOR SORTED Scrap (predominant stainless steel)Other NF & mix metals