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Interco recycles batteries of all shapes, sizes, and chemistries.

Brass Shells

As the most popular type of recycled ammunition, scrap brass shells are extremely important to collect and recycle.

Electric Motors

Interco purchases domestic loads of scrap electric motors in mixed or straight loads in combination with any other nonferrous metals or eScrap.


The intrinsic value of eScrap depends on its metallic sources. At a rate of about 4% annual growth, eScrap is the fastest growing global waste stream.

Solar Panels

Solar panels last up to 30 years, but become inefficient and worn out after such a long period. 


Interco has been recycling computers, electronics, and nonferrous scrap material since 1996.

Utility Meters

Interco works with utility provider companies, utility industry consultants, utility meter installers and utility meter manufactures to recycle utility meters. With the advent of automated SMART meter reading programs, utility companies are retiring thousands of old and obsolete utility meters every year.