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Recycled Paper — The Truth About Recycling Paper

The Truth About Recycled Paper — Recycling Paper

Today, most businesses use recycled paper along with other office materials for paperwork. Recycling paper help these companies slash the cost of buying new papers for

Recycled Paper -- The Truth About Recycling Paper

Modern companies employ recycling policy because they have come to see that recycling paper is ideal both economically and environmentally. Recycled paper is produced from mixing old paper with chemicals and water to break it down. Then the mixture is heated to form the pulp. Afterward, the pulp is strained through screens for purity purposes.

Why Recycled Paper?

Burying waste paper can release methane while burning it uses a lot of energy and increased carbon dioxide emissions. Recycled paper is the best type of paper. Recycled paper is the greenest type of paper. It uses less energy, water, and reduces the amount of solid waste. Recycled paper is good for the environment and it is eco-friendly. Listed are the reasons why the recycled paper is good for the environment:

  1. Recycled Paper is Good for the Environment
  2. Recycling Paper is more Economical
  3. Recycling Reduces Waste and Improves Efficiency
  4. Recycled Paper Promotes a Positive Image
  5. Recycling Paper Produces Jobs
Recycled Paper -- The Truth About Recycling Paper

Recycled Paper is Good for the Environment

Recycled paper uses less energy, water and emits low carbon emissions. Recycling paper helps avoid landfill. Recycling paper uses 31% of energy less than the energy required in the manufacturing of virgin paper. Additionally, a ton of recycled paper uses 35,000 liters of water less than the required liters of water in creating a ton of virgin paper. As a result, recycling paper prevents deforestation. Approximately 25 million trees would be saved annually if all newspapers were recycled.

Recycling Paper is more Economical

Most businesses don’t realize they spend a lot on printing paper. Opting for recycled paper can help lead to significant savings for the company. The individual employee can also save costs by recycling paper within the company. Recycling paper does not only help save money, but it is also of good quality. This way, rather than manufacturing new papers from scratch, manufacturers can save money as well as energy. Furthermore, recyclers can recycle paper up to seven times. After which they can declare it too degraded for recycling.

Recycling Reduces Waste and Improves Efficiency

Recycled Paper -- The Truth About Recycling Paper

Recycling various types of paper helps reduce solid waste and indiscriminate dumping of waste paper. Recycled waste paper is of high quality and is as white as the virgin fiber paper.  They are available in different shades from natural to bright white. Therefore, recycling paper helps reduce paper waste and the cost of waste services.

Recycled Paper Promotes a Positive Image

A trustworthy image is vital to a business. Promoting the company’s use of recycled paper can improve that image. Companies with a high degree of responsibility and reliability attract more customers. Thus, flagging a green image will lead to an increase in sales and strengthen company’s reputation. It also improves the image of the company in the marketplace.

Recycling Paper Produces Jobs

In general, recycling creates work in modern green energy fields. Therefore, multiple job opportunities translate into more customers with disposable income. As recycling creates jobs, it helps boosts the nation’s economy. It also helps affect the growth of the company positively in the manufacturing or service sections. Almost all companies depend on print material for promotion either through business card printing, memos, brochure printing or paper for office purposes. Recycling waste paper products promise numerous benefits for enterprises of all sizes.


Therefore, this paper is more economical to businesses and safer environmentally. Recycling paper is good; it is good and safe for the environment. Finally, Interco is a recycling company with a department that specializes in paper. If you are interested in recycling this material, contact them here.

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