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The Benefits to Going Green as a Business

The Benefits to Going Green as a Business
The Benefits to Going Green as a Business

The Benefits to Going Green as a Business

Nearly 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada think it is important that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly, according to a study by IBM and the National Retail Federation.

“Going green” refers to reducing the overall environmental impact of your business, resulting in in lower overhead costs and money saved.

More than ever, businesses around the world are replying to a global need and consumer demand to go green. And more than 80% of people respect companies and brands that adopt eco-friendly practices, according to Forbes.

Going green has several benefits for companies. These include improved efficiency, job creation, cost savings and most vital, a trustworthy image. Interco is one of the companies who will help your business go green by recycling all types of nonferrous metals and eScrap. Below is a list of the benefits to recycling.


Resources and energy are conserved when a recycled material, rather than a raw material, is in use to make a new product. Materials that have been recycled have already been processed once; re-manufacturing is much cleaner and less energy-intensive than the first.

Job Creation
Job Creation

Job Creation

Recycling and reuse create at least 9 times more jobs than landfills and incinerators, and as many as 30 times more jobs, according to Eco-Cycle. In general, recycling creates work in modern green energy fields. When employment rates go up, businesses within the community benefit from the stronger economy as well.

Cost Savings

Companies may not realize the many economic benefits offered by recycling. One of the main reasons why recycling is important for a business is because it is a way to save money. Recycling is not the only solution – reducing and reusing waste will also help save money, energy and natural resources, explains the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Trustworthy Image

North American respondents, which numbered 3,500, increasingly prefer sustainable brands, according to the study. Consumers increasingly show their support for businesses who showed recycling and bold action toward sustainability. A survey, commissioned by The Recycling Partnership and conducted by OnePoll, stated that nearly 50% of Americans would never shop with a company again if they learned they weren’t being as sustainable as possible. It’s so crucial, in fact, that the average American would even pay 26% more than retail price if it meant the product was completely sustainable.

Interco Helps Businesses Go Green

In conclusion, going green has numerous benefits for companies. Interco has been recycling non-ferrous metals, computers, electronics, batteries and alternative components since 1996 – with a department that specializes in paper.

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