Recycling Used Beverage Cans (UBC)

Most people do not consider recycling used beverage cans. They toss used beverage cans into the trash rather than in to recycle bins as soon as they consume its contents. But is this right?

Recyclers refer to used beverage cans as UBC when they are recycling used beverage cans. These UBC are very much recyclable because of their metallic properties and composition.

In addition, aluminum is the main material in producing UBC which has many purposes i.e.

  • Reproduction of cans
  • Foils
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Window frames
  • Vehicle parts (engine compartments)
  • Airplane parts, etc.

Recycling Used Beverage CansWhy Recycle Used Beverage Cans?

Recycling used beverage cans is very important. Recycling aluminum make use of approximately 5% of the total energy and emission required to produce aluminum from its ore (bauxite).

This means it is significantly cheaper, economic and greener (in term of reduced emission) to recycle used beverage cans than to mine bauxite and refine it for aluminum. At Interco recycling used beverage cans is so important.

Furthermore, recycling used beverage cans over and over again is possible without significant loss of its aluminum (metallic) properties. By recycling these cans, it helps conserve non-renewable fossils needed to make new aluminum from bauxite which in turn reduces:

  1. Energy consumption (approximately 95% energy)
  2. Emission of gases i.e. carbon dioxide
  3. Global warming (greenhouse effect)

How to Recycle UBC?

How then do they get recycled? For the steps involved in recycling used beverage cans, read on:

  1. The aluminum cans are first collected from can recycle bins or UBC depositories.
  2. Then the recycling company or manufacturing industry uses a shredder to shred the aluminum cans. This helps removes any colored coating.
  3. They subject the aluminum shreds to intense heat temperature in a furnace to melt.
  4. Finally, the molten aluminum is then poured into casts (ingot) to set. Over a million cans get produced from each of these ingots.

Recycling Used Beverage CansConclusion

Like earlier stated, it is possible to recycle aluminum many times without degrading its intrinsic properties. Thus, if you desire to recycle or selling your UBC, Interco is the top company for recycling used beverage cans in the Midwest. They offer quality metal recycling services. Contact them here.

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