Why Should my Business Recycle Scrap Brass Shells?

In a variety of industries–and most likely yours–businesses toss valuables in the trash. Most people are unaware of the potential recycling value of brass shells. A pile of scrap brass shells in collaboration with the best company to recycle scrap brass shells can earn a business extra money.

The life of each brass casing evolves from a brass coil that is made from a combination of zinc and copper. Eventually, as manufacturers produce copious amounts of scrap brass shells, businesses must consider a proper disposal method.

The brass shells casing is recyclable and reused numerous times. The question of where to recycle scrap brass cartridges can seem challenging, but Interco buys brass shells and other scrap metal. Consequently, the question of why a business should recycle scrap brass shells follows.

Several recyclers and manufacturers assume that ammunition cannot be recycled, however, the material is fully recyclable. Whether a firing range, gun store, ammunition manufacturer, or government entity, industries look to dispose of their scrap pile with the best company to recycle scrap brass shells.

Why Your Business Should Recycle Scrap Brass Shells

Various associations – including the military, gun stores, and ammunition manufacturers – face the issue of how to manage undesirable or lapsed ammunition leading to unwanted piles of scrap.

The recycling process starts once recyclers sort the material collected. The process to recycle brass shells starts by knowing the parts of the material:

  • The projectile
  • Packaging
  • Black powder
  • The groundwork

Whether a firing range, gun store, ammunition manufacturer, or government entity, the process to recycle and reuse brass shells, casings, and range lead can earn a business spare cash on scrap metal.

Brass shell casings contain precious metals that are copper, zinc, and brass. The procedure of recycling discovers and extracts these valuable materials. Thus, these metals re-enter the manufacturing process, which benefits the brass industry.

Once recycling scrap brass shells casings, recycling centers like Interco ensure the reuse of 90% of the metal. Therefore, the process creates new ammunition without the use of raw materials.

The life of each brass casing evolves from a brass coil that is made from a combination of zinc and copper. The process to recycle brass shells discovers metal shell housings with low degrees of aluminum and manganese bronze.

Each cartridge casing begins its life as a brass coil formed when copper and zinc, along with a few trace elements, combine to form brass. Scrap brass shells are the most popular type of recycled ammunition.

The Brass Shells Recycling Process

Shell alloys are typically made from brass, aluminum, or steel. Occasionally, chrome, nickel, silver, or even gold plate brass shells. Interco recycles spent brass shells and cartridges, indoor/outdoor range lead, demilled military ordnance, tactical munitions, and artillery shells.

After sorting the brass shells, the recycling process then proceeds with the following:

  1. Removing the shell.
  2. Shells pop in a high-temperature kiln.
  3. A quality control supervisor verifies the shells are ready to proceed.
  4. The shells enter a cleaning process to remove as much lead and dirt as possible.
  5. Inspectors then run clean-and-popped shells through a shaker table.
  6. Next, a hammer mill or shredder takes the shells and deforms them into smaller pieces. Aggregator machines take these pieces and load them for transportation.
  7. Finally, the shells are taken to a brass mill. Brass shells are then melted, combined, and mixed with metallic elements to achieve a specific blend.

To complete the recycling process, brass shells form into rods or ingots. Consequently, Interco buys scrap brass cartridges across the United States.

Interco processes more than 10,000 tons (20-million pounds) of nonferrous scrap each month. Interco offers creative solutions, competitive pricing, and quality service throughout the supply chain. The company has been an industry leader providing metals, computers, and electronics recycling services with a focused track record of innovation and integrity since 1996.


Scrap brass shells’ popularity derives from the shell casings’ durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of reloading. Interco will work with you to fulfill any of your ammunition recycling needs. In fact, Interco is the best company to recycle scrap brass shells with the resources and equipment to effectively recycle scrap ammunition. Established in 1996, Interco has grown to prominence as one of the most reputable recyclers of nonferrous scrap in the United States. The team at Interco offers delivery, pickup, full truckload, and LTL services. Learn more about Interco’s services here.

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