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Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company

Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company
Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company

Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company

Batteries are expensive and have a relatively short life span. As discarded batteries grow by the tonnage, businesses and companies can sell these batteries for recycling purposes.

Lead-acid battery scrap is the most found lead scrap. Therefore, consumers and companies that are aware of the potential values of batteries can earn cash from their scrap using a scrap lead-acid batteries salvage company.  

Today, nearly 99 percent of all lead-acid batteries are recycled, and more than 85% of lead is used to manufacture lead acid batteries across the globe. 

Lead-acid batteries represent the most recycled consumer goods in the United States. Typically, the automotive batteries become obsolete after three to five years of use. In fact, the tremendous rise in the number of vehicles is likely to produce increased quantities of lead battery scrap in the future.  

Recycling enables the recovery of valuable metals and reduces the harmful effects on the environment that improper disposal causes. Additionally, the team at Interco accepts, processes, trades, and recycles an array of nonferrous metals.

The Importance of a Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company 
The Importance of a Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company 

The Importance of a Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company 

It is punishable to ship lead-acid batteries to overseas destinations for recycling, due to its hazardous nature. Most consumers and companies are unaware of the negative results of incorrect battery disposal, but also unaware of the potential value of selling scrap lead-acid batteries to recycling facilities. 

Battery manufacturers produce several types of batteries that are widely used today. Moreover, different recycling processes are available for each to recover and recycle the materials. Recycling facilities that scrap batteries can sell the internal materials and casings back to battery manufacturers so they can produce more batteries. This, reintroduces the materials back into the battery industry.

Often, the lead in the batteries is sold to companies that make new batteries. In fact, the EPA estimates that up to 80% of the plastic and lead in any new battery you purchase is recycled. Recycling used lead-acid batteries is significant because of the nature of their composition and use. Thus, manufacturers and consumers use lead-acid batteries as backup power supplies.

These batteries power things such as:

  • Cars and other vehicles 
  • Electric scooters 
  • UPS systems 

Keeping scrap lead-acid batteries stored in a scrapyard or anywhere on your property can lead to hazardous leaking that may contaminate surrounding water streams. Fortunately, Interco has the solution that pays. Furthermore, the scrap lead-acid batteries salvage company will buy scrap lead-acid batteries for recycling purposes. 

The Scrap Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Process
The Scrap Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Process

The Scrap Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Process 

Interco recycles lead-acid batteries primarily for their lead content. In fact, here’s how to recycle lead-acid batteries 

  1. First, recycling companies collect expired or used lead-acid auto batteries for battery depositories. 
  2. The recycling company then neutralizes the acids. They introduce a base that subdues the corrosive properties (toxicity) of the acid so it can be safely disposed of. 
  3. A hammer mill shatters the battery or breaks it apart. In fact, the process is referred to as hammering. 
  4. Then, place broken pieces in a vat, so that the lead plates and heavy materials sink to the bottom while the plastic floats. 
  5. They transport the polypropylene plastics into a plastic recycler to melt and refine them. 
  6. Then, the process goes to clean the lead plates and heat them in furnaces, so they melt. After this, cast the molten lead into an ingot mold. After a few moments, the impurities float to the top of the cast, and they scrape them away. 
  7. Finally, they re-melt the pure ingot casts and use them in new batteries. 

A scrap lead-acid batteries salvage company performs the recycling process for lead-acid auto batteries carefully, and preferably in a controlled environment far from residential areas. 

A Certified Scrap Lead-Acid Battery Salvage Company
A Certified Scrap Lead-Acid Battery Salvage Company

A Certified Scrap Lead-Acid Battery Salvage Company

Interco, as an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified company, continues an international-accepted uniform quality system, supplies the highest levels of customer service, and manages its material in the highest regard. All material will be recycled by approved ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety best practices. As a result, Interco confirms the exact weights and records upon receipt, and we issue a written certificate of recycling.

There are multiple reasons why Interco stands out from the competition. 1) The Interco recycling facility expands through new contracts, new equipment, and new recycling solutions. 2) Interco maintains the latest recycling certifications that provide up-to-date recycling knowledge and training. 3) Interco has four patents pending to improve the safety and efficiency of recycling processes. Therefore, the facility has the tools, experience, and resources needed to process lead-acid auto batteries.

Interco is a Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries Salvage Company

Overall, Interco – as a scrap lead-acid batteries salvage company – will buy scrap lead-acid batteries for recycling purposes. Interco recycles batteries of all shapes, sizes, and chemistry. Thus, the team at Interco continues to lead the way in terms of innovative industrial recycling solutions.

With millions of pounds of batteries recycled, Interco continues to implement certified processes for safe and efficient lead-acid auto battery recycling methods. Interco has been performing industry-leading solutions for 20+ years with premium battery recycling services for clients all around the country. Additionally, Interco transportation solutions are offered across all 50 states. The team at Interco also offers delivery, pickup, full truckload, and LTL services.

To discover more about how to recycle lead-acid batteries, click here

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