Solar Panel Recycling in Mississippi

The Recycling Process

Solar panels and their power supplies energize many organizations throughout the United States. Today, solar energy is the best sustainable power supplier. For example, it enhances local economies, reduces greenhouse gases, and does not need much upkeep. The solar business is constantly developing. Thus, these solar powered products are becoming more and more prominent. Making solar panel recycling in Mississippi vital to conservation.

Habitually, silicon solar products comprise glass, plastic, and aluminum. Retrieving these three elements occurs often. Producing the essential demand of solar panel recycling in Mississippi. Furthermore, the average solar panel can last virtually 30 years. After which, they become less productive. In addition, recycling solar powered items involves a particular process. Therefore, it must be done correctly to be cost-efficient. The procedure of solar panel recycling in Mississippi involves:

  1. Removing the frame
  2. Separation of the glass along a conveyor belt
  3. Thermal processing to evaporate the plastic
  4. Etching silicon wafers

This practice produces some major byproducts, such as, aluminum and glass. Additionally, this process recovers 95% of the glass from solar items. Secondly, thermal processing divides the unimportant plastic from the usable products. Lastly, cutting the silicon wafer helps separate any unneeded materials.

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USA Solar Panel Recycling

Solar Panel Life Cycle

Solar panels productivity seems to be growing parallel with the industry. Moreover, solar panels have many measures of efficiency and competence. Their lifespan can stretch from:

  • 10 – 12 years: efficiency declines by upwards of 10 percent
  • 15 – 20 years: efficiency declines by 20 percent
  • 25 – 30 years: efficiency declines significantly

Just like a car, the lifespan of solar panels is dynamic rather than static. For instance, advanced solar panels can function for 40 years. Yet, as they get older, functionality starts to decline, regardless of the solar panel’s lifespan.

Recycling Solar Panel Batteries

Not all solar panels need batteries to run. Yet lots of them have power supplies on standby. Likewise, recycling batteries is essential for a greener planet. Furthermore, solar panel batteries spoil the environment if they are not reliably recycled. Similarly, one of the main parts of any battery is lithium. It is a relatively rare element that does harm to the planet.  

If solar panel batteries are thrown away wrongly, hazardous waste can develop. Which can do great damage to our environment. Not only that, but also valuable assets are squandered. Which should motivate companies and organizations to recycle solar panels and the parts that power them.



In summary, solar panel recycling proves to be a key part in our conservation procedures. Using solar powered items, extends the Earth the sustainable energy it needs. Mainly considering that solar panels replace the infamous fossil fuels. Experienced organizations must find the best center for solar panel recycling in Mississippi. For more information, click here to contact Interco.

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