Solar Panel Recycling in Oklahoma

The Recycling Process

Solar panels and their batteries empower various trades all over the United States. Currently, solar energy is the best sustainable power source. For example, it strengthens local markets, lowers carbon emissions, and does not require much maintenance. The solar business is always developing. Thus, these solar modules are becoming ever more significant. Leading to the demand for solar panel recycling in Oklahoma.

Constantly, silicon solar modules contain glass, plastic, and aluminum. Retrieving these three elements happens often. Expanding the demand of solar panel recycling in Oklahoma. Furthermore, the average solar panel can operate for nearly 30 years. After which, they become less viable. Recycling solar modules involves specialized equipment. Therefore, it must be done properly to be lucrative. The procedure of solar panel recycling in Oklahoma requires:

  1. Removing the frame
  2. Separation of the glass along a conveyor belt
  3. Thermal processing to evaporate the plastic
  4. Etching silicon wafers

This method provides some valuable materials, such as aluminum and glass. Furthermore, this procedure recovers 95% of the glass from solar powered items. Secondly, thermal processing divides up the unneeded plastic from the important materials. Lastly, slicing the silicon wafer splits up any unnecessary products left behind.

Who Recycles Scrap PV Solar Panel Modules Near Me?
Recycle Solar Panel

Solar Panel Life Cycle

Solar panel duration seems to be growing parallel with the industry. Moreover, solar modules have many measures of practicality and fruitfulness. Their life duration can range from:

  • 10 – 12 years: efficiency declines by upwards of 10 percent
  • 15 – 20 years: efficiency declines by 20 percent
  • 25 – 30 years: efficiency declines significantly

Just like a car, the life duration of solar panels is dynamic, not static. For example, advanced solar panels can endure for nearly 40 years. Yet, as they age, functionality starts to decline, regardless of the solar panel’s endurance.

Recycling Solar Panel Batteries

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Recycle Solar Panels
Solar Panel Recycling in Arkansas


In summary, solar panel recycling proves to be an essential part to sustainability. Using solar panels offers the Earth the renewable energy it requires. Especially seeing that solar panels substitute the infamous fossil fuels. Knowledgeable businesses must find the best center for solar panel recycling in Oklahoma. For more information, click here to contact Interco.

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