Solar Panel Recycling in West Virginia

The Recycling Process

Solar panels and their batteries empower many businesses across the United States. Currently, solar energy is the best provider of natural power. For example, it improves regional markets, reduces greenhouse gases, and does not require a lot of maintenance. The solar industry is perpetually expanding. Thus, these solar products are becoming ever more essential. Leading to the demand for solar panel recycling in West Virginia.

Consistently, silicon solar products contain glass, plastic, and aluminum. Reclaiming these three elements is common. As a result, there is a rising demand of solar panel recycling in West Virginia. Furthermore, solar panels can provide power for nearly 30 years. After which, they become less useful. Recycling solar products involves specific tools. Therefore, it ought to be done correctly to be advantageous. The process of solar panel recycling in West Virginia entails:

  1. Removing the frame
  2. Separation of the glass along a conveyor belt
  3. Thermal processing to evaporate the plastic
  4. Etching silicon wafers

This method extends valuable products, such as aluminum and glass. Furthermore, this process reclaims 95% of the glass from the solar panels. Secondly, thermal processing separates the redundant plastic from the valuable items. Finally, etching the silicon wafer splits up any unneeded items left behind.

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Solar Panel Life Cycle

The expansion of solar panels appear to be growing parallel with the industry. Furthermore, solar products have many measures of efficiency and competence. Their lifetime can range from:

  • 10 – 12 years: efficiency declines by upwards of 10 percent
  • 15 – 20 years: efficiency declines by 20 percent
  • 25 – 30 years: efficiency declines significantly

Just like a car, the lifetime of solar panels is dynamic, not static. For instance, advanced solar panels can provide power for about 40 years. Yet, as they age performance begins to deteriorate.

Recycling Solar Panel Batteries

Not all solar panels need batteries to provide power. Yet many have them as a support measure. Similarly, recycling batteries proves to be noteworthy. On the other hand, solar panel batteries defile the planet if they are not responsibly recycled. A major component of any solar battery is lithium. It is a relatively uncommon resource that deals affliction to the environment.  

If solar panel batteries are thoughtlessly abandoned, noxious waste will increase. Which can damage the natural world. Not only that, but also precious substances are squandered. That alone should encourage companies to recycle solar panels and the pieces that empower them.

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In summary, solar panel recycling is a vital component to longevity. The use of solar panels supports the environment with the natural energy it needs. Especially considering that solar panels supplant notorious fossil fuels. Sophisticated companies must find the best center for solar panel recycling in West Virginia. For more information, click here to contact Interco.

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