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Domestic International Logistics Services

Domestic International Logistics 


Domestic International Logistics Services

Interco partners with on-site Madison Cartage to provide seamless domestic international logistics services for our suppliers and customers. Most of all, the Madison Interco staffs have more than 75 years combined in domestic freight management and brokering specializing in recycled material. In addition, Madison owns and operates its own fleet of trucks providing seamless and cost-effective intermodal drayage services to all rail ramps in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Domestic International Logistics Services

The Interco staff, through coordination with Madison, ensures coordinated loads. As a result, they schedule and pick up the loads on time. The importance of packing lists and scale tickets in the recycling and scrap metals and electronics industry cannot be overstated. The Interco staff will coordinate loads to be documented, picked up, and weighed. In addition, they ensure the loads travel safely. Furthermore, they deliver all loads with all the requisite industry and DOT forms and paperwork. Most noteworthy, they complete, document, and present the forms in a professional and timely manner.

Interco also handles all inbound and outbound ocean freight container shipments for its customers and suppliers. Finally, the Madison Interco staff will book and execute the container shipments with the ocean freighters and railroads. Hence, the staff will advise if on-site inspections or pre-loading photos are required and coordinate accordingly with the Interco facility staff, supplier, or customer.

Photo Documentation

The Interco staff will ensure all standard loading photos are professionally documented, communicated, and stored for every shipment:

Domestic International Logistics Services
  1. An empty container with inside container number visible
  2. One-quarter-loaded
  3. Half-loaded
  4. Three-quarters- loaded
  5. Fully loaded with doors open
  6. 100% loaded with the right door closed
  7. Totally loaded with both doors closed and seal on the door
  8. Close-up of the door seal

In conclusion, if additional loading photographs or other services are required (e.g. inspector with Geiger counter), the Interco staff will facilitate the additional services and manage the process through completion. Rather, immediately upon completion of loading, Interco staff members document and record all loading photos, scale tickets, container weight verification forms, and packing lists on a per-container basis to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

The Interco domestic & international logistics services include:

  • Intermodal Drayage Services
  • Domestic FTL Trucking
  • Full Container Loads (FCL) Import/Export Service
  • International FCL Transportation
  • Ocean Freight
  • Worldwide Air Freight Import/Export Service
  • Domestic Air Freight
  • Export Documentation
  • Freight Distribution

Important Domestic International Logistics Services

Domestic International Logistics Services

In addition to the above, the firm offers other services. As a result, the offerings make up a large part of the daily tasks at Interco. The most important tasks listed below:

  1. Bulk Container Loading & unloading
  2. IATA Compliance
  3. ISF Compliance
  4. Less Than Container Loads (LCL) Import/Export Service
  5. Letter of Credit Coordination
  6. Marine Insurance Documentation
  7. NVOCC Compliance
  8. TSA Communication & Certification
  9. Warehousing and Storage
  10. Domestic LTL Trucking
  11. Door-To-Door Service
  12. Electronic SED Filing
  13. C-TPAT Compliance


In conclusion, domestic international logistics services play a large role. No company can transport material without these services. As a result, domestic international logistics services grows in importance every day. The staff at Interco manage this thoroughly.

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