How to find Scrap Copper Transformers Disposal Services Near Me?

Scrap Copper TransformersTransformer scrap piles are increasing for companies. Transformers have been around since the 1880s and have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years. With this long life-expectancy, companies do not need to replace their transformers often. In fact, because they do not have to do it often it may seem like a challenging task. Companies may end up researching, “scrap copper transformers disposal services near me.”

Companies may have a hard time finding a recycling center near them, but a great place to start is the ISRI website. The Institute of Scrap Recycling, Inc. is the voice of the recycling industry promoting safe, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible recycling. They do this through networking, advocacy, and education. They even offer a searchable directory, so companies will have an easy way to find recycling center near them.

All recycling centers on this website are certified. This is important because transformers contain toxic materials. In fact, Interco has been a member since 1996.

When Do You Replace a Transformer?

The first step is to determine if the transformer is working. There are a few ways to check to see if a transformer has stopped working:

  • Perform a visual inspection. Common things you will see if a transformer has gone bad is bulges or burn marks. If you see this, then you do not need to test it, it needs to be replaced!
  • Check the schematic circuit. When you look at a schematic, you can see how all the parts of the circuit are connected. You can check to make sure everything is connected.
  • Find the input and output. You can easily tell if a transformer has gone bad if the output is not the same as the input.
  • Check the voltage. You can check the voltage by checking the top center tap. If there is power going to the unit, check for a bad connection from the power connection block to the unit itself.
  • Inspect the meter. If your meter does not show any voltage, then the problem likely lies with the unit itself and will need to be replaced.
  • Evaluate the power. A bad transformer will have weak or no power. A simple way to check the power is to turn the unit off and on again.
  • No voltage. If there is no power, there may be no voltage at all. You can quickly determine if voltage is the issue, by checking the voltage points. If there is no voltage or weak voltage, the problem may have some root causes. One could be the control board.

Once you have determined if it needs to be replaced, you will need a plan to dispose of the old transformer. Working with a recycling center, like Interco, who offers scrap copper transformers disposal services is the best option.

Companies that recycle Scrap TransformersScrap Copper Transformers Disposal Services

Using scrap copper transformers disposal services is the best way to dispose of transformers. It guarantees that the material will not end up in landfills and cause harm to the environment and the people who live in the surrounding area.

Interco recycles both copper and aluminum transformers. But copper is more widely used than aluminum. There are a few reasons for that. For example:

  1. Copper is stronger than aluminum.
  2. Copper can carry almost twice the current capacity of aluminum.
  3. Transformers with copper windings can be less expensive to manufacture because they are smaller.
  4. Using copper, reduces the cost of the magnetic steel, tank and oil needed to achieve the specified energy performance.

Working with a recycling center, like Interco, can also help earn your business some extra cash.

About Interco

Interco is a global recycling company providing metals, computers, and electronics recycling services to industrial, dealer, and government organizations throughout the western hemisphere. The facility has a 145,000 sqft. processing plant committed to the processing of computers, electronics, and batteries with the remainder of the indoor facility used for the processing of nonferrous industrial metals.

The facility has five buildings — approximately 400,000 square feet total — on more than 35 acres. The company facility has more than 20 inbound and outbound docks for receiving and shipping nonferrous scrap material as well as a railroad rail spur to load rail cars.

The company is within proximity to four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) while centrally located just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri in Madison, Illinois. The company offers a convenient delivery location as the facility is near four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) that intersect all of the Midwest and Central USA.

Scrap Copper TransformersConclusion

Overall, companies will need to make a decision on how to deal with their old transformers. In fact, the most ideal option is recycling them. Working with a recycling center, like Interco, who offers scrap copper transformers disposal services makes the process easy. To learn more, click here.

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