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Where Do I Take My Scrap Copper Transformers to be Recycled Safely?

Where Do I Take My Scrap Copper Transformers to be Recycled Safely?

Companies that have a large amount of scrap transformers may be wondering what to do with them. Transformers have been around since the 1880s, and companies have continually used them for years. Transformers have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years, but when they reach the end of their lives, companies may find it difficult to dispose of them. Companies may even research, “where do I take my scrap copper transformers to be recycled safely?”

The safest place for a company to take their scrap transformers is a certified recycling center. A good place to start your search may be the ISRI website. The ISRI is the voice of the recycling industry promoting safe, economically sustainable, and environmentally responsible recycling. They do this through networking, advocacy, and education. In fact, they offer a searchable directory to help find a recycler near you.

Interco has been a member of the ISRI since 1996. The company recycles both copper and aluminum transformers.

Copper VS Aluminum Transformers
Copper VS Aluminum Transformers

Copper VS Aluminum Transformers

The copper transformers are more popular than aluminum transformers for a few reasons:

  • Copper displays low levels of creep. Aluminum’s creep rate is almost 25 times higher, which means they are more likely to fail.
  • Copper wire terminations are less prone to failure. This is because their oxides have different behaviors. Copper is soft, electrically conductive, and breaks down easily. But, aluminum oxide is strongly attached, hard to dislodge, and electrically insulating.
  • Copper wires have no galvanic action.
  • Copper is stronger, harder, and more ductile. This means is expands less and does not flow at terminations.
  • Copper ensures high short-circuit withstand capability.
  • The copper transformers are smaller and lighter.
  • Copper conductors are less susceptible to metal fatigue.
  • The more copper in a transformer improves the energy performance and consequently lowers lifecycle costs.

Copper is more widely used than aluminum, but Interco recycles both. Both types of transformers contain valuable materials that are extracted in the recycling process.

Certified Recycling Center
Certified Recycling Center

Certified Recycling Center

Since both types of transformers contain toxic materials, it is important for companies to use a certified recycling center, like Interco. This will guarantee that proper recycling practices are in place. In fact, certified recycling centers also have a number of benefits:

  1. Manufacturers and companies know exactly where their material is going. (Detailed documentation)
  2. Employ the best management practices are in place
  3. Evolving standards to continually improve the recycling process.
  4. Annual audits

All these things help continually improve the facility and the process. In fact, this helps companies feel secure in the recycling process and that their materials are be handled in the right way. So, when companies ask, “where do I take my scrap copper transformers to be recycled safely?” The answer is a certified recycling center, like Interco.

About Interco
About Interco

About Interco

Interco is a global recycling company providing metals, computers and electronics recycling services to industrial, dealer, and government organizations throughout the western hemisphere. The facility has a 145,000 sqft. processing plant committed to the processing of computers, electronics, and batteries with the remainder of the indoor facility used for the processing of nonferrous industrial metals.

The company is within proximity to four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) while centrally located just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri in Madison, Illinois. The company offers a convenient delivery location as the facility is near four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) that intersect all of the Midwest and Central USA.

As an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified company, the company maintains an international-accepted uniform quality system, provides the highest levels of customer service, and handles and provides its material in the best manner possible.

As an ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series Management System certified company, the company identifies and controls potential health and safety risks throughout the company and the tangential supply chain. The ISO 45001 standard is internationally recognized as the highest standard of health and safety management in existence.

Interco, as an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certified company, maintains the highest standards and guidelines of environmental regulations.

Interco Safely Recycles Scrap Copper Transformers

In conclusion, companies will need to decide on how to handle the disposal of their scrap transformers. The best option is to recycle them, but companies may ask “where do I take my scrap copper transformers to be recycled safely?” and the answer is quite simply Interco. In fact, the company will work with you to satisfy any of your transformer recycling needs. With a staff of 100 full time employees, the company receives, processes, upgrades, repackages and ships approximately 15,000 tons of material monthly. To learn more, click here.

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