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Laptop Recycling in Maryland

Businesses recycle laptop computers because it is responsible to do so. Currently, the high amount of technology makes it essential for businesses to change older computers on an even more frequent premise than before. Advancements in technology happen consistently which makes laptop recycling in Maryland essential. In addition, being aware of the altering times and changing technology turns into a necessary practice for businesses.

Laptop Recycling in Maryland

The constant changes in technology create a lot of e-waste. The stockpile of old computers and peripherals continues to increase. Likewise, the need to responsibly dispose of these electronics increases as well.

According to a study by the United Nations, the worldwide system created about 44.7 million tons of scrap computer systems and electronics e-waste in 2016. Unfortunately, customers and businesses recycled just 20% of it. In that same calendar year Interco recycled more than 25,000 tons of computers and electronics.

As a result of the significant measure of e-waste, laptop recycling in Maryland turns into a more essential process. Rather than landfilling e-waste, responsible companies must consider its enduring effect on the environment. Interco helps stop large businesses from contributing to e-waste and can help them recycle laptop computers.

How to Recycle Laptop Computers

The process for laptop recycling in Maryland starts when Interco purchases e-scrap from businesses. These are the steps utilized to recycle laptops:

Laptop Recycling in Maryland
  1. Use tools to dispose of glass, plastics, and other contaminants
  2. Remove batteries, circuits, and wiring
  3. Extract nonferrous metals
  4. Prepare to sell precious metals
  5. Cautiously dispose of contaminants

Moreover,the need for companies to recycle laptops develop scontinually. The components inside computers and screens may cause many problems to the environment if not disposed of safely. Despite simply landfilling thee-waste, there may be issues in the process of laptop recycling in Maryland. Recyclers melt away the clear plastic material covering off metal cables.

Laptop Recycling in Maryland

This process allows recyclers to segregate the copper inside from the plastic. Disengaging the more valuable industrial metals from the cheap plastic makes better sense. This procedure allows smelters to employ the isolated metal in order to form new pure ingots.

Therefore, the discarding of the residual plastic waste must be done in a smart and safe manner. If not, it will cause harmful materials to enter the soil and water in the area. Interco is a certified R2v3 recycler. The high R2 standard promises that recyclers take the time to dispose of e-scrap in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

Why Recycle Laptop Computers

The benefits of laptop recycling in Maryland go beyond stopping harmful material from entering the environment. Extra benefits of recycling laptops include:

Laptop Recycling in Maryland

Most importantly, safely discarding of e-waste ensures the preservation of raw materials. Precious and industrial metals pulled from laptops include gold, silver, and copper. According to Federico Magalini, an expert, up to 80 times as much gold exists in one ton of cellphones as exists in a single gold mine. Interco will consistently recycle laptops to stop the development of worldwide e-waste.


In conclusion, companies must recycle laptops. E-waste proves to be a significant problem for the worldwide environment. With such high measure of e-waste and a small percentage of it being recycled, responsible businesses must find the right e-waste recycler. Interco has been recycling computers and electronics since 1996 and has become one of the leading recyclers of laptop computers in North America. Click here for more data on recycling computers, electronics, and other nonferrous material.

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