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5 Things You Need to Know to Recycle eScrap

5 Things You Need to Know to Recycle eScrap
5 Things You Need to Know to Recycle eScrap

5 Things You Need to Know to Recycle eScrap

eScrap has become the world’s fastest-growing trash stream. Anyone who has discarded a phone or computer for a newer, sleeker model participated in the production of electronic waste. That is why it is important to recycle eScrap and look for the best prices for scrap eScrap as well.

Scrap electronics pile up with every consumer or business that uses technology. Which causes harm to the environment. However, managing the waste through eScrap recycling can be very profitable for a recycler and their surroundings.

Recycling centers that recycle eScrap offers those with scrap electronics the opportunity to earn cash for their unwanted waste.

In 2016, according to the United Nations University, the yearly accumulation reached 49.3 million tons — enough to fill more than a million 18-wheel trucks stretching from New York to Bangkok and back. By 2021, the annual total will  surpass 57 million tons.

Electronic waste contains lead, mercury, or other toxic substances; however, laptops and phones also include valuable elements.

Often consumers and businesses discard their electronics and forget about them. But what happens to the eScrap after disposal?

What is eScrap?

eScrap refers to electronic products nearing the end of their shelf-life. For example, computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines. The bulk of these products are reusable.

Collecting used computers and electronics and turning them in for cash has become popular among recyclers. In fact, most recycling centers buy eScrap computers and scrap electronics of all shapes and sizes. 

What Do We Do With eScrap?
What Do We Do With eScrap?

What Do We Do With eScrap?

With the current rate we consume and discard of eWaste; the United Nations University (U.N.U.), predicts that an increase of up to 120 million tons in the next 30 years will occur. Although, most electronic devices contain a variety of valuable materials, including:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper

Despite these components, these materials often end up in landfills. However, there are other options for electronic waste disposal.

Any certified R2 recycling facility must fulfill all R2 process/core requirements. Auditing is necessary for certification within the scope of a companies operational activities. Furthermore, the R2v3 Standard offers general principles for eScrap recycling and IT equipment disposal vendors.

How Much of What We Produce is Disposed of Through eScrap Recycling?
How Much of What We Produce is Disposed of Through eScrap Recycling?

How Much of What We Produce is Disposed of Through eScrap Recycling?

With only 12.5% of eWaste recycled, it is not surprising that many people are unaware of the potential for repurposing. When your businesses electronics expire, it is important to understand the value of the equipment or parts there. So when you recycle eScrap, most of which have recoverable materials that are ready easily re-marketable.

 As corporations export more and more materials, the appropriate disposal becomes even more grave.

How Valuable is eScrap?

According to researchers at U.N.U., the raw materials contained in e-waste were worth roughly $61 billion in 2016, more than the gross domestic product of even middle-income countries like Croatia or Costa Rica.

In fact, for every 1 million cell phones that recycled, 35,274 lbs. of copper, 772 lbs. of silver, 75 lbs. of gold, and 33 lbs. of palladium is recoverable. Interco recovers a lot of these materials and offers the best prices for scrap eScrap. 

Where Can I Take my eScrap?
Where Can I Take my eScrap?

Where Can I Take my eScrap?

There are safe methods for disposing of scrap electronics. The process to recycle eScrap is vital to keeping as much hazardous material out of landfills as possible.

Interco became only the second electronics refurbishing and recycling company in the world to achieve the coveted Responsible Recycling R2v3 Standard Certification.

Interco purchases components, whole units, peripherals, batteries and boards, and precious metal anywhere in North America for recycling. The company holds the capacity to process more than 10 million pounds of computers, electronics, batteries, solar panels, and alternative energy generation and storage equipment monthly, which is due to four patent-pending material processing plants.

Interco is a global recycling company providing metals, computers, and electronics recycling services to the industrial, dealer, and government organizations throughout the western hemisphere. In fact, Interco offers the best prices for scrap eScrap in all of North America. 

Recycle eSrap Responsibly

Overall, recycling computers and eScrap is vital to keeping as much of these materials out of landfills as possible. Recycling scrap computers and electronics enable recyclers to recover various valuable metals and reduces the harmful effects to the environment that improper disposal causes. In summary, only 12.5% of eWaste gets recycled. Though, many of what people classify as eScrap is not waste at all, but rather whole electronic equipment or parts that are readily profitable. In addition, their materials are completely recyclable.

Interco continues to lead the way in terms of innovative industrial recycling solutions. To learn more about the best prices for scrap eScrap, click here.

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