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What to Know About Recycling eScrap

What to Know About Recycling eScrap

On average, Americans discard 130,000 personal computers every day. Similarly, mobile phones are a big issue too.

Every year, the tech industry introduces new products that add to the rising electronic waste problem. In addition, eScrap is the fastest growing trash stream in the world.

Alternatively, for every 1 million cell phones recycled, 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium is recovered.

What is Considered eScrap?
What is Considered eScrap?

What is Considered eScrap?

Recycling eScrap is easy when companies work with a scrap eScrap processing facility. Electronic waste describes discarded electronics. For example:

  • Desktop Computers & Laptops
  • Phones & Tablets
  • Televisions & Monitors
  • Printers & Fax Machines
  • Servers & Networking Equipment
  • Solar Panels & Alternative Energy Components
  • Stereos, Speakers, etc.

The more people use technology, the bigger the waste problem becomes. Furthermore. the convenience of this innovation comes at the costs of the climate. Not only can eScrap damage the environment, but also the health of humans. Toxic materials can leak out of eScrap and into our drinking water. However, there is a solution. Recycling eScrap can reduce the damage done.

What is the Process to Recycle eScrap?
What is the Process to Recycle eScrap?

What is the Process to Recycle eScrap?

A recycler should execute the following steps carefully:

  1. Collection of the eScrap from dumping or deposit points
  2. Break them with a hammer
  3. Separate individual components (plastic, glass, copper, and other metallic materials)
  4. Take individual materials to their different recycling points for further processing
  5. Pack non-recyclable materials and properly dispose of them.

Why Should I Care About Recycling eScrap?

eScrap has toxic elements in it. Moreover, improper disposal is hazardous to both human health and the environment. Recycling eScrap reduces pollution in our water, air, and soil. Anyone who lives near a landfill with eScrap is at risk for medical complications or worse.

Furthermore, recycling protects natural resources and reduces the need for landfills. Not only that, but also it provides opportunities. Companies can earn cash from their old electronics when they work with a scrap eScrap processing facility. In addition, the recycling industry is expanding. Which provides more and more job opportunities as time goes on.

 Where Can I Recycle eScrap?
Where Can I Recycle eScrap?

Where Can I Recycle eScrap?

Recycling eScrap is quick and easy with Interco. Since 1996, the company has been perfecting this process. As a result, it has grown to be one of the most reputable recyclers of non-ferrous scrap on the planet.

In fact, Interco was the second recycling facility to obtain R2v3 certification. This means Interco follows industry standards, safety practices, and specialized recycling processes.

Interco is a global recycling company providing metals, computers, and electronics recycling services to industrial, dealer, and government organizations throughout the western hemisphere.

Furthermore, our facility comprises of seven buildings on more than 45 acres. These buildings are centrally located on the Illinois-side of St. Louis in the shadows of the Gateway Arch.

Offering creative solutions, competitive pricing, and quality service throughout the supply chain. The company recycles over 10,000 tons (20-million pounds) of nonferrous scrap monthly.

Recycle eScrap with Interco

Overall, recycling eScrap is vital to keeping as much of these materials out of landfills as possible. Furthermore, it enables recyclers to recover valuable metals and reduces the harmful effects on the environment that improper disposal causes. Interco buys components, whole units, peripherals, batteries and boards, and precious metal anywhere in North America for recycling.

The team at Interco accepts, processes, trades, and recycles an array of nonferrous metals.  The company continues to lead the way in terms of innovative industrial recycling solutions. To learn more about recycling eScrap, click here.

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