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Computer Recycling & IT Recycling

Computer Recycling & IT Recycling: eScrap Basics

Computer Recycling & IT Recycling

IT Recycling is a fundamental pillar of the metals reprocessing business. In a growing technological world, the demand for a solution to the overflow of old electronic devices is increasing. Subsequently, Interco has begun to pave the way for innovation in the computer recycling world.

Elements of recycling technology are important in the eScrap sector of the green world. Therefore, Interco strives to be a leader in the industry and commits to a positive future. As a result, Interco follows an efficient computer reprocessing system. 

  1. Receive old goods
  2. Sort items into product categories
  3. Remove plastics and send them off for safe disposal
  4. Extract precious metals (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.)
  5. Dispose of all contaminants
  6. Collect old computers
  7. Use tools to dispose glass, plastics, and other contaminants
  8. Remove,circuits, batteries, and additional wiring
  9. Extract nonferrous metals from the interiors
  10. Prepare precious metals for sale
  11. Environmentally cautious disposal of contaminants

Environmental Benefits

Computer Recycling & IT Recycling
  • Limited landfill waste
  • Conservation of natural resources (sustainability of copper mines)
  • Saves energy
  • Supports the conservation of resources
  • Create jobs



In conclusion, computer recycling is a measure that must be taken in order to support our ever-growing economy and world. By utilizing the benefits of this process, one can experience a better world that does not leave waste alone in landfills, only to rot and fester. Instead, what was once waste can now be used for a positive impact. So, on top of the work in recycling nonferrous metals, Interco prides itself on being a pioneer in the industry and continues to strive towards growth and a cleaner footprint. 

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