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Why is ITAD Recycling Necessary?

ITAD (information technology asset disposition) recycling is the process of discarding different IT products. A great deal of ITAD recycling involves reprocessing and reusing computer and laptops parts. A few of these parts are:

Why is ITAD Recycling Necessary?
  • Servers
  • Hard drives
  • Computer wires
  • Power supplies
  • Circuit boards
  • Keyboards
  • Insulated wires
  • Transformers
  • Monitors

Cell phones and other telecom equipment can also be recycled through ITAD.

To further understand ITAD, one must understand the process of how to recycle eScrap and other networking equipment.

How to Recycle ITAD

The ITAD recycling process consists of:

Why is ITAD Recycling Necessary?
  • First, collecting eScrap from different sources.
  • Next, sorting the eScrap components into different categories.
  • Furthermore, testing the materials to see if they can be reused.
  • Subsequently, breaking the materials down into individual components. Recyclers generally sell any functional materials to second-hand resellers.
  • Then, the recyclers erase the data by destroying hard drives to make sure personal information is no longer accessible.
  • After this, the recycler shreds the materials and sorts the debris to find any leftover valuable components.
  • Lastly, the recycler sends the reusable materials to secondary recyclers who make useful products out of these materials.

ITAD recycling has several environmental benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing space in landfills, preventing solid waste, protecting natural resources and many more.

Additionally, this is just one of the multiple recycling services Interco offers. Interco even purchases scrap material to do their part it in recycling it appropriately.

Now that the process of recycling ITAD has been discussed, why is it important to recycle eScrap?

The Importance of ITAD Recycling

As stated, ITAD recycling has a great deal of environment benefits. ITAD recycling…

Why is ITAD Recycling Necessary?
  • Reuses valuable materials
  • Reduces space in landfills
  • Prevents toxic chemical leaks
  • Reduces solid waste
  • Protects natural resources
  • Reduces pollution
  • Creates jobs

A few of the reusable materials that can be recovered through ITAD includes precious metals, lead, cadmium, mercury, silicon and more. Subsequently, reusing these materials helps to produce useful products, reduces space in landfills and reduces solid waste.

In addition, the materials recycled through ITAD can contain toxic chemicals that can harm the environment. Therefore, recycling eScrap prevents this from happening and protects natural resources while doing so. All of theses steps lead to a decrease in overall pollution.

Also, recycling eScrap increases the amount of jobs available. The more scrap that is produced, the more people Interco will need to hire to recycle eScrap.


Altogether, the material used in ITAD contains numerous valuable materials including servers, hard drives, computer wires and more. With more and more technology being used, more ITAD occurs. So, the more opportunities there are to recycle eScrap, the more this will benefit the environment. Some of these environmental benefits include reusing valuable materials, protecting natural resources, reducing pollution and more.

Recycling eScrap is just one of the many recycling services Interco offers. Interco even purchases scrap materials of all types to recycle them properly.

If you are interested in the ITAD process, click here to get in touch with Interco.

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