Scrap Copper Transformers Recycling Company

Scrap Copper Transformers Recycling Company

Transformer scrap piles are increasing for companies. In fact, companies will need to decide how to dispose of these transformers. The best and safest option is recycling them. Transformers contain valuable materials and companies may be unaware of the potential pay day if they decide to work with a scrap copper transformers recycling company.

Companies may find it challenging to recycle them as they do not have to deal with scrap transformers frequently. This is because transformers have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years.

A transformer is an electrical device consisting of two or more coils of wire used to transfer electrical energy by means of a changing magnetic field. It may seem impossible to find a way to dispose of scrap transformers, but the process is quite easy with Interco. In fact, the company recycles copper and aluminum transformers.

Copper VS Aluminum Transformers
Copper VS Aluminum Transformers

Copper VS Aluminum Transformers

Interco, a scrap copper transformer recycling company, recycles both copper and aluminum transformers. Copper is more popular than aluminum transformers for a few reasons:

  • Copper displays low levels of creep. Aluminum’s creep rate is almost 25 times higher, which means they are more likely to fail.
  • Copper wire terminations are less prone to failure. This is because their oxides have different behaviors. Copper is soft, electrically conductive, and breaks down easily. But, aluminum oxide is strongly attached, hard to dislodge, and electrically insulating.
  • Copper wires have no galvanic action.
  • Copper is stronger, harder, and more ductile. This means is expands less and does not flow at terminations.
  • Copper ensures high short-circuit withstand capability.
  • In fact, copper transformers are smaller and lighter.
  • Copper conductors are less susceptible to metal fatigue.
  • The more copper in a transformer improves the energy performance and consequently lowers lifecycle costs.

Copper is more widely used than aluminum, but Interco recycles both. Both types of transformers contain valuable materials that they extract in the recycling process.

The Process to Recycle Transformers
The Process to Recycle Transformers

The Process to Recycle Transformers

You should perform the process to recycle transformers safely using the following steps:

  1. First, they remove the transformer from the device.
  2. After it arrives at a facility, they test the equipment and oils for PCBs.
  3. Then they process the oil and clean it to be used again.
  4. They then disassemble the transformer and decide whether the parts will be disposed of or reused.
  5. Then, they chop the coils, so they will be easy to melt and recycle.
  6. Finally, they recycle the tank as a whole.

Since scrap transformers contain toxic materials, it is important that the process is done in a controlled environment. Companies should work with a certified recycling center, like Interco, so they know that the recycler is using the best recycling practices out there.

About Interco
About Interco

About Interco

Interco is a global recycling company providing metals, computers and electronics recycling services to industrial, dealer, and government organizations throughout the western hemisphere. The facility has a 145,000 sqft. processing plant committed to the processing of computers, electronics, and batteries with the remainder of the indoor facility used for the processing of nonferrous industrial metals.

The facility has five buildings — approximately 400,000 square feet total — on more than 35 acres. The company facility has more than 20 inbound and outbound docks for receiving and shipping nonferrous scrap material as well as a railroad rail spur to load rail cars.

The company is within proximity to four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) while centrally located just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri in Madison, Illinois. The company offers a convenient delivery location as the facility is near four major interstates (I-44, I-55, I-64, and I-70) that intersect all of the Midwest and Central USA.

Established in 1996, Interco has grown to prominence as one of the most reputable recyclers of nonferrous scrap in the United States. The company is experiencing significant market position growth due to a number of factors that suggest steady acceleration for years to come.

Interco is a Scrap Copper Transformers Recycling Company

Overall, companies that have a large amount of scrap transformers will need to decide how they are going to handle the disposal of them. The best option is recycling them with a scrap copper transformers recycling company, like Interco. Companies that decide to recycle transformers are doing their part to reduce waste, landfills, overall population, and the use of raw materials. Interco purchases scrap anywhere in North America for recycling. The company continues to lead the way in terms of innovative industrial recycling solutions. To learn more, click here.